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Listen to Deadmau5- “The Veldt” (stream)

By: Spacelab Research Staff
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May 7, 2012
Deadmau5 is back with a new song, “The Veldt.” This was the song that Joel Zimmerman, a.k.a. Deadmau5 collaborated on with Chris James. Anyone who follows the prolific Deadmau5 Twitter will know that Deadmau5 looked for a collaborator via Twitter, looking for someone who wanted to go beyond boring club lyrics and reach for something fresh and new.

The Deadmau5 web site goes on to complete the story: “Five weeks ago, whilst streaming on live.deadmau5.com, mau5 wrote an instrumental that would become “The Veldt”. Chris James, a fan, took the track, added his vocal and shared on soundcloud. Not long after, the horde discovered Chris’ upload and urged Joel to listen… Soon after, the two artists were speaking online and within days, Deadmau5 featuring Chris James “The Veldt” was complete.”

So while the Deamau5 / Chris James collaboration on The Veldt has just been freshly released via Beatport, it's also part of a larger effort from Deamau5 titled due out on June 25. MagneticMag tells us that a collaboration with Cypress Hill titled "Failbait" is also part of the effort, and adds this quote about the Deadmau5 Chris James collaboration: “He righteously did his homework, and came up with just a few bang on verses that completely complement the story and the mood, which is all I ever want from a song that contained lyrical content. Can’t give him props enough.”

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