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Listen to Virals - “Gloria” (stream)

By: Corey Tate
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May 9, 2012
“Gloria” is the get up and go track of the week, and the perfect Summer jam, introduced nicely by Virals as Spring starts to tilt towards  Summer. Virals is the musical project of Shaun Hencher, who used to front the band Lovvers. The EP for “Gloria” includes four songs, including “Coming Up With the Sun.” It comes out on May 7th for digital and My 21st for the physical release via Tough Love. The label said this about Shaun’s new approach to music with Virals VS Lovvers: “Following the less than dramatic demise of that band, Virals offers a new beginning and sees Shaun predominantly writing, playing and recording on his own. And with that new beginning comes a fresh approach to songwriting that takes cues from the sunshine vibe of certain American states yet retaining a suitably English feel.” The music totally backs that up, don’t you think?

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