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My Bloody Valentine album & EP Definitely Happening This Year 

REVIEW: My Bloody Valentine - “Good For You”

By: Corey Tate
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May 1, 2012

After this week's musings by Kevin Shields on the new My Bloody Valentine album and EP due for release this year comes the ultimate tease ... the forbidden fruit of a previously unreleased My Bloody Valentine song from back in the day, which is to say the heyday. Half of the cool bands on the planet have been influenced by that sound in one way or another, so the temptress words of "previously unreleased" coming before anything My Bloody Valentine is forbidden fruit in the most formidable way. So what happens when we bite the apple?

STREAM: Listen to My Bloody Valentine - “Good For You”

Heavy sludge of distorted, wall-of-sound guitars? Check. Back and forth between pop song and drifting shoegaze-esque sounds? Check. Song ending in wandering haze of noise, exploring the beyond through glorious noise and Loveless-era musical stylings? Check. Yep, it's a My Bloody Valentine song.

Not that I want to pigeonhole the entire experience into a contrived, canned MBV thing. It's interesting though, to hear one more example of the boundaries they were pushing at the time. This is enough to get any MBV fan more than stoked about the upcoming releases ... 2012, the year of My Bloody Valentine!

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