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REVIEW: Death Grips - “Double Helix”

By: Jeff Daily
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May 3, 2012
Holy occupy wall street machine ragers Batman!!!! Finally, there is a soundtrack to the '12 election year/COMMA Recession and it comes in the form of aggressively avant hip-hop group Death Grips. I for one can't believe that a major label, Epic Records, released DG's album The Money Store to the masses (April 24, 2012) because this collection of songs delivers on the promise of Rage Against the Machine. To be honest they aren't "rap/rock" in the boring 90s sense of the term, but they somehow manage to ROCK glitch electronics and keyboard weirdness into something very hip-hop oriented without sounding like Public Enemy. DG is the work of vocalist/language spitter Stephen Burnett, drummer Zach Hill (of the group Hella) and Andy Morin. They say they're from Sacremento, CA, but I wouldn't lose my lunch if it turns out they're aliens from a very strange undiscovered planet. The music they've put out, starting online with mixtapes/download, is just about the best new music I've heard this year so far. BUY THIS RECORD!

"Double Helix" is a track from The Money Store and it's insane. As with every single track on the album, I don't really know what the lyrics are getting at on first listen, but they hit me hard. Today's political and economic issues are reflected in the abstract anger poetry of, "formula fucker/hooded executor of cookie cutter/cant wait ta pull dat trigger shut gunner," which in a funny way makes sense viscerally right away. There's an exact truth in lines later in the tune like, "no maps wit directions/no answers, just questions," that express what a lot of us are feeling today. The music one ups even the most aggro of lyrics though. The production team of Hill and Morin don't make missteps on these tracks. Each odd gurgle splurge bleep blast beast is PERFECT. Damn...

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