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Music Review: Cornershop: “Milkin' It”

By: Jeff Daily
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May 9, 2012

Like an antique store full of curio's, UK's Cornershop deliver a grab bag of new and old sounds with each album they release. Their latest, due May 15th, is called Urban Turban and the band themselves are putting it out on their very own Ample Play Records. Cornershop follows the "everything but the kitchen sink" mentality when it comes to channeling their influences so if ya don't like one track, chances are you'll dig the next.

"Milkin' It (ft. Light of Aquarius)" is the first single from the album and its a bit of dub style ode to hip-hop. The track is a bass n beat mover, nothing all that special. All I can really think of is the recent passing of Adam Yauch of the Beastie Boys though. I can't focus on Cornershop right now. Listening to this track one ear is out the door, down the hall, and next to a stereo blasting "Sure Shot." RIP MCA. Uh, Cornershop fans will probably get behind this song, but for those not interested this song probably won't convert any newbs.

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