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Music Review: Beach House - “Myth”

By: Alex Ramirez
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May 10, 2012
Unbeknown to many fans, Beach House started as a small recording project, formulating as the brainchild of Victoria Legrand and Alex Scally. And with the release of their albums, Devotion and Teen Dream, they garnered themselves to be one of Sub Pop's most enigmatic dream pop duos.

Fast forward two years after Teen Dream's release, Beach House is set to release their newest album, Bloom, that has already captured a wide array of audiences with their staple sound of atmospheric rhythmic patterns drizzled with sweet falsettos and simplistic non-abrasive percussion.

"Myth" is the first single off Bloom and is definitely not a departure from Beach House's sound. The song kicks off with mesmerizing, no FX- laden guitar patterns that palpate to the minimalistic piano melody and are soon accompanied by the soft breathy timbre of Alex Scally. It soon ruptures into a climatic outburst as the guitar picks of euphoric notes that eerily juxtapose the fast and tremolo-like delivery.

If you have a strong addiction to simple and delicately layered guitar riffs that exude a mystical texture then Beach House is your go to band, but if you're a die-hard fan then Bloom may leave you slightly disappointed. Bloom appeals to their aesthetic as it is encompasses their distinct sound, but is somewhat of an outcry for them to employ something musically different and leaves you questioning if they're becoming a cover band of themselves.

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