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Music Review: Squarepusher - “Drax 2”

By: Jeff Daily
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May 10, 2012
In the 90s it seemed, at least for short while, that electronic music was going to replace "rock" bands and pop as the sound of a younger generation. I seriously considered chucking the guitars and educating myself on the ins 'n' outs of programming and synths, etc. Then I realized the two can coexist. Then I realized, "who cares?" Composers work with whatever the hell they want to, no need for strict genre rules. I was a teen so that might explain the scattered firing neurons.

Squarepusher is the alias of a seriously talented English dude named Tom Jenkinson. His work in the electronica field has been impressive for a little over a decade and his latest track, "Drax 2" shows no sign of creativity waning. The schizo glitch completely NON human track is from his forthcoming album titled Ufabulum (May 15th - Warp). This piece will melt yr mind's eye. Like Philip K. Dick compressed into seven plus minutes of constantly jamping slanging kreeeching anti-organic sounds, "Drax 2" is a tough, but rewarding listen.

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