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Review: King Tuff - "Bad Thing"

By: Taylor Browne
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May 23, 2012

King Tuff is alive again and it has arisen out of the misty post war ether of the early sixties…I think. While I’ve recently been questioning the retro mania that is today’s music scene I didn’t question it while listening to King Tuff. The music is straight from the heart and honest Rock & Roll. If you’ve gone to any show recently and seen the hipster and yuppie scum (who seem to abhor any form of real human interaction or, well, anything to do with life) you would have thought Rock & Roll was dead. And it might very well be, but King Tuff has come back from the dead and it’ll be a bit longer before Rock & Roll concedes to music like American Dub Step. Ugh…(shudders at his computer desk and looks queasy) American dub step.

That being said the new track "Bad Thing" from King Tuff starts off like a Dave Grohl song. Which, after listening to their first album and writing that awesome opening paragraph above, admittedly, threw me. After Dave Grohl goes away and the verse comes in King Tuff suddenly sounds like The Who from their earlier mod days. King Tuff doesn’t seem afraid of power chord territory (and rightly so), but every time I hear this song I just imagine Meatloaf from Rocky Horror swingin’ his sax around the meat locker before Tim Curry butchers his sorry ass with an axe. I kinda felt the same way about this track only because in comparison to other King Tuff songs it sounds like a B-Side. I much prefer the track "Keep On Movin’." The swinging surf beat is done in an intelligent fashion (i.e. not in a Best Coast fashion. (shudders) Ugh…Best Coast). The bass guitarist fills the space the chord ringing guitar leaves behind and pushes the song forward by playing with the upbeat at the end of each measure. Add some handclaps, psychedelic guitar effects, and awesome background vocals and hot damn you’ve got yourself one hell of a song. I’m looking forward to the rest of this album. I’m also looking forward to getting that thing called money someday so I can buy it.

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