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iPhone 5 Release Date Next Week, or iOS6 Release Date? iPhone 5 Might Wait


By: Corey Tate
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June 3, 2012

With the WWDC happening next week, the iPhone 5 release date is waiting to explode. We could see a release date for iPhone 5 at the conference, but it’s possible that the iPhone 5 won’t even see any action at all at WWDC ... remember last year? We were all chomping at the bit for it, and nothing happened on the iPhone front. If we are to find out the iPhone 5 release date, it might be more likely announced this Fall. We should see some great things at the WWDC though, with fresh news of an iTunes redesign alongside a new Apps Store and iBookstore. Tim Cook spoke last week of big things coming up for Siri, so that could go with a new iOS6 release as well.

iPhone 5 Release Date

It’s becoming increasingly likely that Apple might not announce the iPhone 5 release date at the WWDC at all ... remember that last year everyone was waiting for it, until it never happened. Instead, we received word of the iPhone release date at a special press event held by Apple called “Let's Talk iPhone,” and that wasn’t until early Fall. Apple Store employees have already been told that they'll be working late days ahead of WWDC this week, according to AppleInsider. “Some Apple retail employees will be working late nights ahead of the upcoming Worldwide Developers Conference, while a handful of stores recently had surprise visits from workers out of Apple's corporate headquarters,” so something is about to happen.

Add to that this weekend’s rumors / news from 9to5Mac that Apple will be updating iOS6 with un update iTunes, App Store and iBookstore, saying”According to sources familiar with Apple’s upcoming iOS 6 mobile software offering, the company’s three major digital stores will see design overhauls. The overhauls are said to be major and they focus on improved interactivity when making purchases in iTunes, the App Store, and the iBookstore. Social is a big piece of the store overhauls, and Facebook integration is being tested in the iTunes Store portion, at least.” It seems like the iPhone release date might be the farthest thing from what Apple is working on, though I’m willing (and wanting) to be wrong.

Tim Cook hinted at a bigger Facebook integration with Apple in the future at the AllThingsD conference last week, but really avoided the iPhone 5 release date as well as iPhone 5 specs issue by answering the question “What about the iPhone 5?” with “Who had the next question?”

iPhone 5 Specs

MacRumors talked about how the Japanese blog Macotakara  was looking at new iPhone 5 specs like a front panel glass panel, and they had video (below) and photos. Tough to tell if these are authentic or not ... and being one who thrives on the Apple economy like anyone else I DO have to admit that it seems a bit too far to go to fabricate fake parts just to post to the web.

AppleInsider is all over how Apple has an RF chip manufacturer locked down, saying that the "handset will use advanced RF filtering technology" and that "Apple has already decided which companies will supply the important radio chips in the next-generation iPhone." 9to5Mac  weighed in to the A5 vs. A6 processor debate for iPhone 5 specs with news that it should be in the A5 processor family, saying "The processor is known internally at Apple as the “A5-***” (the last three characters were removed to protect our source). This will most likely not be the final name. However, it seems probable that the processor will continue carrying the “A5″ name and will not step up to the “A6″ nomenclature—but that is far from certain."

So we end the week with more confusion around the iPhone 5 release date, but a little more news around what to expect at the WWDC for releases. It’s gonna be a fun week of anticipation.

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