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XBox Music Is a New Streaming Music Player for XBox SmartGlass: Zune Is Dead

XBox Music Is a New Streaming Music Player for XBox SmartGlass: Zune Is Dead


By: Corey Tate
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June 5, 2012

Microsoft announced at the E3 gaming conference yesterday that they're launching XBox Music and XBox Video apps for the Windows 8 platform, via a new SmartGlass app. This means that an XBox Music player that effectively kills the Zune Music for the future ... anyone on Microsoft Windows 8 XBox 360 console, mobile phones, and computers are set for a change. The XBox Music streaming experience and details are narrowly defined right now, as the announcement was long on promise and short on details, but any Microsoft or XBox music experience is due for an upgrade. It does seem that they have licenses for the music, and will open with a library of about 30,000 songs. They tipped the XBox Music thing earlier this year.

Although XBox Live started out primarily as a gaming platform, it's rapidly become a great and unexpected media platform for Microsoft. That's not a huge surprise, but music and video were more of an afterthought with the XBox and now look to be more of a primary focus. AllThingsD points out that "Xbox Live users are now watching more movies and TV and listening to music than gamers are using it to play online games."

Microsoft also announced an  "XBox SmartGlass" application that will connect the XBox Live platform to iPhones, iPads and Android phones and tablets, so they're kicking the door open and embracing open standards. Reuters points out that XBox SmartGlass “lets users remotely control TV displays from touchscreen enabled mobile devices -- swiping, pinching and tapping just like one would on an iPhone." The Seattle Post Intelligencer said that theXbox SmartGlass allows XBox 360 streaming as well as share music and videos via a variety of devices: smartphones, tablets and TVs; it will include Internet Explorer too.

Is Zune completely dead? I’m sure that legacy users will be supported, but can probably consider that more like life support at this point. Are you a Zune user? If so, what do you think? XBox people, are you excited and will you use this?

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