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MOG Music Network Gets in Ford Vehicles with Voice SyncApp

MOG Gets in Ford Vehicles with Voice SyncApp


By: Corey Tate
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June 6, 2012

MOG  is launching a new feature today for Ford vehicles called MOG SYNC AppLink, a new feature that allows drivers of Ford vehicles use the MOG music player with their iPhone or in-dashboard controls to connect and resume playback of their music where they last left off. Not cool enough for you yet? You can also use voice activated controls to call up the playlist or album you want.

So picture leaving work or the house or whatever, and you've been listening via MOG music player, and you can get in your Ford car or truck and either speak to your iPhone (connected to the car via USB) or use the dashboard controls to tell the MOG app what you want to play. Nice continuity. The SyncApp from Ford is an existing feature in their vehicles, and is part of a larger set of features that Ford owners can tap into sync a number of apps and use voice activation to to get things done while driving AND keeping your eyes on the road. Mog music is now tapped into that.

This isn’t just an iPhone thing either ... Android nation, you’ll soon get the SYNC AppLink as well. As for people on the MOG iPhone app, it’s being offered as an update to the app today. As for for the future, MOG is looking to get in on the cars and trucks as a way to create a seamless listening experience for users in a place they often find themselves every day ... driving from one place to another. I asked Drew Denbo, senior vice president of Business Development for MOG about the whether this will be *road travelled in the future* for MOG as they move their technology forward, and this is what he said:

“Yes! Integrated, in-vehicle access is a strategic priority for MOG. We know that Americans listen to music in the car more than anywhere else and to maximize the value that we deliver to consumers, we need to make sure that the service is easy and fun to use in all the places where they listen to music, especially the car.”

So what else is MOG doing for the future? Will voice activation apps like Siri (or otherwise) be used as part of the MOG app moving forward? “We have one simple goal: Perfect your listening experience. We’re constantly innovating and listening to our users to ensure we’re giving listeners everything (and more) they want from a music service.”

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