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Watch Sigur Ros - “Varúð” (video)

By: Spacelab Research Staff
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June 6, 2012

The new Sigur Ros video for “Varúð,” off of the album Valtari. It was directed by Ingibjörg Birgisdóttir. This might be what life in Iceland is like ... snowy, cold, with elves periodically coming out on the jagged landscape to launch lights that chase way the snow. Still, the video for Varúð is great visual context for Sigur Ros and Valtari, it sets a visual image worthy of the music as an epic soundtrack.

To me Sigur Ros' music is best portrayed when accompanied with some sort of imagery or film. And regardless it still conjures up images in my head even if it is not accompanied by music. This effect leaves a lot of vacancy and emptiness for the album, which isn't necessarily a bad thing. In this case it works for Sigur Ros, as their songs constantly evoke a myriad of emotions and this effect only makes Valtari more personal for the audience as well as the band.

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