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The Raveonettes Announce Dark New Album Observator  

The Raveonettes Announce Dark New Album Observator

By: Spacelab Research Staff
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June 14, 2012

The Raveonettes have been to Hell and back. Or, to fit more to their story, they've been to LA and back. This translates into what sounds like an exciting new album in Observator, one with a great back story and could possibly translate into a new definition of the Raveonettes sound. Sune Rose Wagner tells a tale of new west coast horizons after an exit from dark and gothic storm of New York, looking for warm sun and LA vibes. The NY storm came with him instead.

"Put simply, Observator was supposed to be our Los Angeles album. At least, that's what I imagined it to be in my head. As much as I love New York and feel almost constantly inspired by the noise and confusion here, the allure of the west coast has always loomed large for The Raveonettes. When it came time to start work on this album, the warm Pacific pull had become irresistible."

Which is where the story of Observator gets interesting. "If I'm being honest, I also needed to get away because strange days had found me in New York. I threw out my back last summer and the recovery was extremely difficult. When you're a young man and you can't put your socks on in the morning without being overwhelmed by pain, it can be very demoralizing."

So the move to LA sounded like a great idea to Sune, and LA sounded like the promised land.

"What I found however was quite the opposite. I found dread and despair in LA, a wicked loneliness that only furthered my intake of substances. I couldn't focus and inspiration was fleeting or mostly absent."

"I get a lot of my ideas when I'm out. I get drunk and have moments of lucidity where I scribble down notes and thoughts. The next day, I'll start channeling the thoughts I had the previous night. That's sort of always worked for me but this time, I had to go the long way round to remember that."

Which should translate well on Observator. The new LA vibe brought a new muse and influence, and that was used in the new songs and became a new sound built on top of the old Raveonettes sound.

"It was during these sessions that a new dimension to the Raveonettes began to develop; it's the first time we've ever used the piano and what a glorious, gloomy sound it makes. We knew immediately that it was something we needed to expand on. But make no mistake; Observator is still a gorgeous guitar album."

They recorded Observator at Sunset Sound Studios with Richard Gottehrer (Blondie, Go-Gos, Richard Hell). The album has a release date of of Sept 11 on Vice Records, a tour has been announced with more dates coming.

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