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Watch Mostly Robot At Sonar Festival 2012 (video)

By: Spacelab Research Staff
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June 18, 2012

Mostly Robot performing at the 2012 Sonar Festival in Barcelona, Spain. The group consists of Jamie Lidell, Tim Exile, Jeremy Ellis, Mr Jimmy and DJ Shiftee. They get experimental in the true spirit of the Sonar Festival ... check out the description of their gig as described on the Sonar web site:

"Conceived by Native Instruments, Mostly Robot will utilize an advanced array on NI hardware and software, pioneering a creative interplay between technology and the band, made up of exceptional artists: Jamie Lidell, Tim Exile, Jeremy Ellis, Mr Jimmy and DJ Shiftee. Truly ‘live’, each musician plays independently of each other – instruments are synced only by the human element, with no MIDI clock or prepared grid obstructing their creativity – and will be accompanied by an inventive visual concept from Berlin’s extraordinary Pfadfinderei. Using the note events, controller data and audio material created by the playing of their instruments, visual elements are developed in real time on screen – allowing the audience to follow the virtuosity of each musician and made possible by advanced Native Instruments’ technology."

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