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Kim Dotcom Twitter and Interview Reveals He’s Still Launching Megabox

Kim Dotcom Twitter and Interview Reveals He’s Still Launching Megabox

By: Spacelab Research Staff
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April 25 2012

Remember the whole Megaupload drama that played out a while back? It turns out that the story gets deeper as TorrentFreak has revealed that Kim Dotcom has plans to release a new download service called Megabox, which will pay artists for downloads. Looking to go legit? Megabox would certainly take the steam out the piracy argument surrounding Kim Dotcom and his Megaupload service.

He spoke with TorrentFreak in a phone interview, saying that more details will emerge soon via the Kim Dotcom Twitter.  They recently wrote "When Dotcom and his colleagues were arrested earlier this year, many people believed that the Megabox project would fade away. In fact, some theorized that Megabox was one of the main reasons why the recording labels and by extension the U.S. Government wanted the Megaupload team to fold quickly. However, Dotcom now reveals that he hasn’t give up on the project. On the contrary." What's more, a video of a Kim Dotcom interview with Campbell Live in New Zealand features Kim Dotcom talking about the raid. You can watch the interview below:

Kim says that he never received any legal notices, cease and desist orders from MPAA or lawsuits, just takedown notices. He talks about their portrayal of him as the “Pirate King” but calls them out on never trying to take him to court. He cites the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) and the safe harbor provision for Internet services and talks about how he’s an easy target as being a hacker in a previous life and not being from America.

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