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Watch Beirut - “The Rip Tide” (video)


By: Corey Tate
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June 25, 2012

A new video from Beirut for “The Rip Tide,” off of their album of the same name. Although it’s Beirut music that's been out for a while, they're still offering us up gems from the band (the video was directed by Houmam Abdallah). Zach Condon said this about what was involved in making “The Rip Tide” video as a way to project the song further than just its sounds:

"I always felt that 'The Rip Tide' wasn't fully able to project its own ambitions in song form . . . no matter how it was performed or recorded, it felt contained by sound alone. . . I wanted more, as I often do with my music, and this is not a bad thing."

So Zach saw “The Rip Tide” video as way to push it beyond, as the video shows an empty yacht drifting in the ocean, juxtaposed with shots of seagulls aimlessly flying, with the lyrics "And this is the house where I could be unknown, be alone now, soon the waves and I found the rolling tide, soon the waves and I found the rip tide." In the end, we see rolling ink clouds drop through the sky and the boat gets farther away. Dark vibe, with bright imagery, cool video.

Zach went on to say "Growing to accept a song's limits is part of the process of creating and loving them. Which was why I was so excited to see what Houmam had dug into when he picked 'The Rip Tide' out of all others for a video.  The concept fit, and the product brought the song somewhere that I had only been able to describe to myself, now available for others to see and feel it much more as I had in the process of writing it."

In the meantime, there's a Beirut tour going on, and the band is playing in North America all Summer long with stops at the FYF Festival, MusicfestNW and Outside Lands. Check out the Spacelab Festival Guide for more on music festivals in 2012.

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