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Listen The Antlers - “Drift Dive” (stream)

Listen to The Antlers - “Drift Dive” (stream)

By: Spacelab Research Staff
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June 11, 2012

The Antlers have released the first song from their upcoming EP Undersea with the track "Drift Drive," and it's streaming right now at Soundcloud, and it comes complete with underwater-esque sounds. The Antlers say this about Undersea: "Undersea is the feeling of suspension- memories suspended in time and space, energy suspended in the air around us. It’s the serenity of drifting off to sleep or of sinking to the bottom of the ocean. It’s both the comfort of knowing that some questions have no answers, and the torment that we’re never meant to know the truth. We’ve searched for patient, colorful sounds and found a meditative calm, a persistent pulse that leaves room for everything to breathe and expand as a new world takes shape."

Undersea is the follow-up release to last year's Burst Apart, which was recorded at their then new recording studio, one that likely is where Undersea was created. "We moved into our own recording studio in September 2010, and spent essentially every waking hour working on Burst Apart, producing the record ourselves, with Darby at the helm engineering," said the band at the time.

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