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Watch The Antlers - “Crest” (video)


By: Corey Tate
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June 26, 2012


After yesterday's offering from The Antlers with the song “Drift Dive” comes another day, with another song from their upcoming EP Undersea. This time it's the song “Crest,” playing along with the water vibe and offering up a part of the song with a one minute video. The Undersea EP from The Antlers is due out on July 24 in North America via Anti-Records and on July 30 in Europe on Transgressive Records.

"It's a record about moving forward. Hospice was kind of all-encompassing for a while and Burst Apart feels like us moving on from it. Not to abandon it, but to keep it in its place and figure out what's next," said Peter Silberman about their previous album Burst Apart. It seems that The Antlers have decided to continue that moving forward on Undersea with an almost Sigur Ros-like fervor ... both tracks from the album that have been offered up so far have been ethereal and moody, more about a vibe and sounds than being about traditional song structure.

As far Undersea in the words of the Antlers, the band is saying "Undersea is the feeling of suspension- memories suspended in time and space, energy suspended in the air around us. It’s the serenity of drifting off to sleep or of sinking to the bottom of the ocean. It’s both the comfort of knowing that some questions have no answers, and the torment that we’re never meant to know the truth."

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