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Watch Death Grips - “Double Helix” (video)

By: Spacelab Research Staff
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June 26, 2012

The oh-so-hot right now video from Death Grips for the song "Double Helix." It features a creative use of the rear view camera from a Honda Prius with Stefan Burnett doing what he does best ... freaking out over freaked out beats.

"Double Helix" is a track from The Money Store and it's insane. As with every single track on the album, I don't really know what the lyrics are getting at on first listen, but Death Grips hits me hard. Today's political and economic issues are reflected in the abstract anger poetry of, "formula fucker/hooded executor of cookie cutter/cant wait ta pull dat trigger shut gunner," which in a funny way makes sense viscerally right away. There's an exact truth in lines later in the "Double Helix" like, "no maps wit directions/no answers, just questions," that express what a lot of us are feeling today.

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