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Minotaur Shock to Release Orchard, Check Out A New Song With "Saundersfoot"


By: Corey Tate
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June 27, 2012

Continuing along the live vs. button pusher meme, electronic music artist Minotaur Shock (a.k.a. David Edwards) is going to release an album that's largely performed live in the studio vs just merely sequencing tracks. The new album is called Orchard and sees him returning to the Manchester label Melodic, after a stint on 4AD that included the release of Amateur Dramatics. Orchard has a release date of Aug. 20, and he's even using organic instruments (GASP) like drums, bass guitar and xylophone to round out the sound. The goal: escape the sterility that sometimes traps electronic music and create something that feels more alive. This all as part of a reaction to the folktronica label that was slapped on him in the past ... he said he's gotten over it and actually started to take it head-on in a new approach.

"The word [folktronica] used to bug me, so this was my perverse reaction to it – I figured that instead of trying to avoid folk I might as well get in there and see what happened. I was inspired by the strange semi-organic sounds of modern string modelling synthesizers, so wanted to see what would happen if I mixed them with real stringed instruments – how many fake instruments I could bury under real ones." Check out more at his Tumblr.

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