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REVIEW: Savages - “Husbands”

By: Taylor Browne
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June 7, 2012

Savages couldn’t be more British if they tried. “Husbands” begins with everything a British Post Punk song should have. A driving dominant bass guitar matched with a disco dance beat sends the tune forward. When the vocals begin we’re lead to think about bands like The Rakes or The Futureheads. Then forty two seconds in the most abrasive, searing, and kickass guitar you’ve heard rips into your soul for four measures before retreating into the smoky atmosphere maintained by the hip shakin’ rhythm section. Bands like The Rapture and Liars come to mind in a really, really good way.

In the wake of dub-step and other electronic styles crossing the Atlantic, my fellow American brethren have been obsessed with anything 80’s sounding. The retro-mania of today’s music scene has been a bit more general for sure, but its focus has without a doubt been fixed upon rehashing the sounds of the 80’s. And that would be alright if the American appropriation of these electronic styles didn’t suck complete balls. What made the 80’s so palpable was the resonating spirit and raw power of punk rock that had landed with a very loud crash in the late 70’s and early 80’s. The American 80’s revival is completely devoid of any of the energy found in 80’s post punk such as Joy Division, The Talking Heads, The Birthday Party, etc. American hipsters and musicians would much rather stand in the corners of the room smoking cigarettes, not enjoying the music, not dancing, and just not enjoying anything, let alone anything to do with…well…life. “Husbands” by Savages raises a very much needed middle finger to that mentality.

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