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REVIEW: Chelsea Light Moving - “Burroughs”

REVIEW: Chelsea Light Moving - “Burroughs”

By: Jeff Daily
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June 26, 2012
Sonic Youth is apparently finished (for now anyways), as is the darling, much admired indie marriage of SY's Thurston Moore and Kim Gordon. The impact of SY on American rock music cannot be overstated. They brought together the extremes: experimental NYC art & noise and pop culture - and made them hip enough for the hardcore kids. The band was a template for both their peers and followers so, with the band on hiatus, fans were left wondering what the next move would be. All the band members have side projects and solo albums, but we hadn't heard from Thurston Moore for a while. Moore is back now, and roaring out electric scuzz-jive with a brand new band called Chelsea Light Moving.

Aside from a terrible group name, the band might just be a heavy rock experience (we'll find out when they release their full-length later this year on Matador). The first song to be released by Moore's new band is titled “Burroughs,” and it sounds A LOT like SY (of course). I don't mean this as a put down either, 'cause Thurston was always the punker of the band and his songs often freaked the most enjoyment outta amplified noise. This new tune is a guitar enthusiasts melting paradiso. Classic SY atonalities ring in between lyrics inspired by the last words of visionary genius Beat author William S. Burroughs. Moore's vocalizing and basic sound could be from any post-Sister Youth album (also similar to the heavy attack of tunes from Dirty). The song favors the "punk" over the "art" as it is pure rock 'TUDE. The only real complaint is we've all been here before with Moore. My hope for Chelsea Light Moving is they put out an album of rockers and jammers at least as good as what we hear on "Burroughs."

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