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REVIEW: Holograms - “Monoliths”

By: Taylor Browne
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June 27, 2012
The new single “Monoliths” from Swedish punk band Holograms is the best Joy Division song I’ve heard in a long time. The track is off of their new self-titled album and very loudly broadcasts its influences, wearing them like a crown. The minute and a half long intro sounds like Robert Smith had a really bad day, “Monolith” trudges on with a New Order-kind of beat until the song actually starts at 1:40.

Here the punk rock begins -- suddenly Adolescents-esque punk crashes in. The guitars take a kind of wall-of-sound shoegaze approach while the bass more clearly broadcasts the chord progression. In fact, the bass tone sounds identical to The Adolescents’ bass. The singer slurs his verses and shouts out his chorus like an anthem, the way any self-respecting punk should. However, at 3:52 the song stops and is followed by another Joy Division section. While I personally enjoyed these sections, others may find the intro and outro a bit of a distraction from the heart of the song, which is solid. “Monolith” is head bob-worthy and should be excellent for driving at high speeds to.

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