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Settled: The Strokes ARE In the Studio Working On a New Album  

Settled: The Strokes ARE In the Studio Working On a New Album

By: Spacelab Research Staff
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July 5, 2012
We hit a split a while back on whether The Strokes were working on a follow up to their last album Angles. Billboard had said yes, while Pitchfork had confirmed with the band's management that the answer was no. We can throw another vote in the yes pile today, with news from NME that they've spoken the guitarists father Albert Hammond Sr. and he said that the band is indeed working on new music at Electric Lady Studios in New York.

"Albert says that the stuff they're doing is incredible. They're doing it themselves with their friend, engineer and producer. He just says 'Dad, it's incredible'. I don't think they'll go in a wildly different direction. Obviously the songs will be different, but I think The Strokes are The Strokes; they always will be The Strokes." Of course, we can trust a bit of bias here, but the vibe seems to be that that energy is good, and that's always encouraging. A new Strokes album will be their fifth studio album and the follow up to Angles.

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