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Xbox Music Player and Streaming is Happening, with iTunes Download Store

Xbox Music Player and Streaming is Happening, with iTunes Download Store


By: Corey Tate
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July 8, 2012


The new Microsoft Xbox Music will unload a new Xbox music streaming service and download store soon. They're working out the licensing details with Universal Music Group, EMI, Warner Music Group and Vivendi to license their music for the ultimate trifecta of music services: an Xbox music streaming service like Spotify, a paid download store and cloud-based storage to compete with iTunes and iCloud, and monthly and annual subscription plans.

Talk about wanting to compete with everyone ... Microsoft seems to want to do what Apple has done in the past not enter the game too early, not too late, but at a good moment when public awareness is right for a massive pickup of customers. Given that there are --- people with an Xbox console, and a growing number of Windows mobile customers everyday, Microsoft should be off to great start.b The Xbox music player would work with any Windows device, so count Windows mobile and the slick new Microsoft Surface tablet in on that action.

"By combining the best features of competing services, Microsoft seeks to build a digital product that lets customers consume music any way they like. The maker of the Xbox console is building the new music business after its unsuccessful effort with the Zune service, which will close and move customers to Xbox Music" said Bloomberg in a report.

I’ve written in the past that Apple was in a perfect spot to become a hub of a subscription music, movies and TV shows on a streaming platform, while offering paid downloads at the same time. It looks like Microsoft will beat them to it. Xbox Live started out as a gaming platform, it's become an unexpected media platform for Microsoft. That's not a huge surprise, but music and video were more of an afterthought with the Xbox and now look to be more of a primary focus. AllThingsD points out that "Xbox Live users are now watching more movies and TV and listening to music than gamers are using it to play online games."

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