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From The Basement Goes 3D, Will Be Available in the U.S.

From The Basement Goes 3D, Will Be Available in the U.S.


By: Corey Tate
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July 9, 2012


The BBC-sponsored video series From the Basement has bold news: they're going 3D, and they'll be available in the U.S. The video series will begin July 15 at 9PM ET via 3Net and in 2D on Crackle starting on Aug. 29. For the indie purists who might scoff at the idea of From The Basement cashing in on the 3D gimmick, given the long-standing integrity of the show (not too mention stellar production values), dig this from the show's organizers on why they went the 3D route: "Now.. hang on a minute. Don't scoff. I was very cynical and wary about the 3D thing too.. but I have to tell you it works. It's kind of amazing. 3D TV technology has moved on from red and green glasses and disaster movies. Think of standing in front of a Monet instead of looking at a photograph of a Monet. It's a subtle thing that brings it up a notch without screwing with how beautiful it looks in 2D. I am converted - for our show in any case.. because the depth is in there anyway, just in 3D you can actually see it.. and in 2D you can still feel it. It still looks great."

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