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Slideshow: Sled Island Festival 2012 - Max Ulis
Slideshow: Sled Island Festival 2012 - Max Ulis
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By: James Oborne
July 10, 2012
East Village Block Party - Max Ulis
The East Village in Calgary is touted as the newest, oldest, coolest and warmest neighborhood. It's not complete yet, but there have been massive improvements along the Bow River, the finished product should be great (I don't want to sound like a used car salesman, but being at the Block Party had me wondering what it would take to afford a new East Village condo). Max Ulis from Vancouver, BC is classic EDM. He’s a producer/DJ and part owner of 10PinRecords. His set was at 7:30, midway through the block party, and was a turning point in the evening. At that point, the dance floor had been relatively empty, but by the end of his set it was packed with people of all ages grooving to his party beats.
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