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Slideshow: Sled Island Festival 2012 - HUMANS
Slideshow: Sled Island Festival 2012 - HUMANS
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By: James Oborne
July 10, 2012
East Village Block Party - HUMANS
The Vancouver duo uses electronic synths and mixers in their performance, and complement their sound with live vocals and instruments, creating a connection with the audience that can not be replicated by your standard bro hunched over a laptop. You could tell that people were excited for HUMANS because nobody wanted to give up primo dance spots in front of the stage. The band came on at 8:15, just as the daylight was about to fade into night. As the sun was setting on to the EDM duo they didn't shade their eyes, they just played harder. The crowd ate it up and frantically flooded across the dance floor and around both sides of the stage. If they didn't know HUMANS before this, they became pretty familiar as everybody chimed in, “who knew, all we had to was party?” on the catchiest track of the night, “Avec Mes Mecs”.
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