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Slideshow: Sled Island Festival 2012 - Dirty Ghosts
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By: James Oborne
July 26, 2012
Dirty Ghosts @ Broken City
Friday was bound to be the biggest day of the festival for most, with so many sledders eager to see Feist rock out in her hometown at the Olympic Plaza. This was going to be my third time seeing Feist this summer, and I pretty much knew what to expect. Don’t get me wrong, my first two feisty experiences were gold, and I was tweeting my excitement to @feistmusic all day. But before the Canadian rock goddess took to the stage there were loads of other bands to witness and discover.

My first stop was at Broken City to see Dirty Ghosts, a two-piece female blues rock band from San Francisco that is said to use Aesop Rock’s drum loops. I was intrigued. First of all Broken City is a cool venue on 11th Ave. with a dark main floor with a poorly lit stage and cozy rooftop patio upstairs. This would prove invaluable later on. As soon as Dirty Ghosts began setting up I made my way to the front to get the best view possible of these rocker babes. The female singer/guitarist and bassist reminded me of local Vancouver legends Pack A.D. because they both absolutely slay it. They played “Eyes of a Stranger,” which was catchy enough I was sure it was a cover. They ended with “Battle Slang,” an instrumental-heavy track that showcases their female musical prowess. Half an hour of sweaty headbanging and sludgy guitar riffs later and I was hooked, overheated and happy about discovering a new band. I headed upstairs to cool off before the next show.

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