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Slideshow: Sled Island Festival 2012 - Nardwuar and the Evaporators
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By: James Oborne
July 26, 2012
Nardwuar and the Evaporators with @ Ship and Anchor
The silliness doesn’t stop as Nardwuar insists the crowd raise his keyboard up in their hands above their heads. He proceeds to climb upon it and paddle around the crowd like he’s searching for an epic wave. Before you know it he’s back on stage with a motorcycle helmet on and sweating like crazy. The antics don’t cease. After the entire band changes from all white motorcycle race style outfits to skin tight neon pink and blue leotards, Nardwuar is back in the crowd giving everyone an opportunity to chime in. He ends by ushering the entire audience down to their knees with he at the helm in the middle of the Ship and Anchor. The bass line drops and everybody explodes to their feet. The show ends and hundreds file out of the Ship buzzing about the piece of musical history they had just witnessed at a 5:00 PM show on 17th Ave.

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