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Slideshow: Sled Island Festival 2012 - Feist
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By: James Oborne
July 26, 2012
Feist @ Olympic Plaza
Like God sending us an angel, the clouds parted, the rain let up, and spirits rose as Calgary sweetheart, Leslie Feist came on stage joined by the lovely vocal backing of Mountain Man. When she kicked it off with “How Come You Never Go There” I immediately forgot about my wet-to-the-bone feet and became entranced by the swooning vocals and bluesy thump of the beat. She played almost the entirety of her latest heavier, darker album, Metals. The crowd came alive when she picked up the pop for her 2007 hit “Feel it All”. In between songs Leslie shared how grateful she was that we braved the rain and expressed her joy to be playing in front of her family. Sadly there was no encore, but really it wasn’t needed, everything about the show was perfect.

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