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Kid Koala Gets All Robert Johnson on New Album 12 Bit Blues

Kid Koala Gets All Robert Johnson on New Album 12 Bit Blues: Hip hop meets the blues via electronic music


By: Corey Tate
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July 24, 2012

There's an interesting new Kid Koala album called 12 Bit Blues happening with a release date of Sept. 17 that will be his first Ninja Tune record since he returned to the label. A limited edition first run of vinyl and CD will even include a hand powered cardboard turntable kit (really works too), that's part of the throwback vibe of 12 Bit Blues. How much would you pay for all of this? But wait, there's more!

Kid Koala's recording label Ninja Tune is describing the album with "Never one to make the music making process easy on himself, Kid Koala has finally realised his child-hood dream of owning SP1200's, and in the process has tackled the stripped-down blues tradition with the machines that spawned the golden age of hip-hop (and keeps floppy disks alive!)."

So the next obvious question is ... what did Eric (Kid Koala) do exactly with that E-mu SP-1200 sampler that he went after for so long? He combined new school with old school by creating individual sound files of each part of a song, then fed them into the E-mu SP-1200 sampler so that he could use it old school style to orchestrate and mix the playback in real time. Ninja Tune is hot to point out that that no software was used to sequence the tracks, Kid Koala played everything in real time on the SP-1200 and recorded the live take. This is the blues throwback to stripping things down to the "bare essentials." Robert Johnson might be doing this if he lived today rather than in his time. Preview the album over at the Ninja Tune web site.

So much for the Deadmau5 "button pusher" thing.

The 12-bit Blues Vinyl Vaudeville Tour http://kidkoala.com/upcoming-events in Europe in September and October will feature Adira Amram and the Experience to open the show with musical comedy ... the n the big show includes nothing less than dancing girls, robots, a giant cardboard turntable (presumably the life-sized version of the one in the limited run album version) and a game room that includes roulette and 12 bit blues bingo. Seriously, if you can't have fun at this show you're just not trying.

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