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Spacelab Collective: July 28  

Spacelab Collective: July 28

By: Spacelab Research Staff
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July 28, 2012
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The extremely prolific Robert Pollard is having his effect on Guided By Voices. The newly energized band has just announced another new album, its third release of 2012. titled The Bears for Lunch, the album will see GBV building on the momentum of Let's Go Eat at the Factory and Class Clown Spots a UFO (both released earlier this year); the The Bears for Lunch has a release date sometime in November. Even more telling is how good the music and positive the vibe from the band is. "I think the tour went so well, it felt so good to be back together, it was just natural that we would start making records again. Everyone's just really inspired," drummer Kevin Fennell told Rolling Stone. Listen to New Guided by Voices - “The Unsinkable Fats Domino” and “Doughnut For A Snowman.”
Animal Collective  are taking their message to the masses with the new Animal Collective Radio, which they'll do up from their web site. Animal Collective Radio. Check out the video below for more, it starts this Sunday, July 29 and will feature "mixes by Panda Bear, Black Dice, Haunted Graffiti and Sublime Frequencies." Animal Collective Radio will run from this Sunday through August 19th, after which is the release date of their new Centipede Hz album on Sept. 3/4. Also check out the new single and b-side from the band with “Honeycomb” and “Gotham.”

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