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Spacelab Collective: July 30  

Spacelab Collective: July 30

By: Spacelab Research Staff
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July 30, 2012
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Electrified indie pop band Bend Sinister have released a new video for their song "Don't You Know," off of the album Small Fame. They're doing up a Fall tour also. The band is named after 1947 the dystopian novel written by Vladimir Nabokov.
Thurston Moore is spreading his (post?)-Sonic Youth wings with another project, he's joining the black metal band Twilight, reports Pitchfork, saying "for their upcoming album, out this fall on Century Media, the Twilight lineup will consist of Moore, Judd, producer Sanford Parker, Stavros Giannopoulos from the Atlas Moth, Wrest of Leviathan, and Imperial from Krieg." It looks like a divorce and a SY band hiatus has got his creative juices flowing and freed him up for other projects. He's also currently in a new band called Chelsea Light Moving, check out their songs 'Frank O'Hara Hit' and 'Groovy and Linda' as well as our review of their album Burroughs.
Lexington, Kentucky's Boomslang Festival announced its lineup for the Set. 20 -23 show today, including acts like The Jesus and Mary Chain, Jeff Mangum, Das Racist and Deerhoof. Find out more.
SPIN Magazine or SPUN Magazine? The announcement of the sale of SPIN earlier this month has evolved, with a NYT reoprt that says "Two weeks after its takeover by an online media company, Spin magazine’s future as a print publication was cast further into doubt on Friday when 11 employees — a third of the staff — were laid off and publication plans for the bimonthly magazine were suspended. Whether Spin, an alternative music magazine founded in 1985, will disappear in printed form altogether is unclear."
Could this be the beginning of a new trend of labels reversing their hasty Spotify pullouts? Century Media is back in, after (very) publicly pulling their catalog from the streaming music service. Digital Music News is saying that it also includes InsideOut Music, Superball Music, and People Like You Records.

"After the initial decision to pull the Century Media catalog from Spotify, label execs were impressed by the resulting debate, especially the messages and comments by the thousands of fans who weighed in on the issue. Fan sentiment and continued discussions with Spotify have resulted in the label reversing its initial decision."

Matt and Kim are doubling down on their "Let's Go" video released last week, with the announcement of the Matt and Kim tour, heading to stops in the U.S. and Canada. The tour is for their new album Lightning, due to strike on October 2nd, the tour starts on October 3rd. Lightning tour tickets go on sale to the public on August 3rd.
Old school industrial guy Al Jourgensen from Ministry collapsed onstage in Paris over the weekend, immediately raising false allegations of drug use or drinking, which were later ruled out at the hospital. Slicing Up Eyeballs is sying that Al was “diagnosed to have had a full-system collapse due to extreme dehydration and heat exhaustion.” Apparently there was poor ventilation in the club and the band said in a statement that “Doctors confirm via blood tests conducted that Jourgensen’s alcohol blood levels were well below normal and no narcotics were found in his system.”
Universal Music has been looking to takeover EMI for a while now, and new details have emerged on how that might take shape. MusicWeek is saying that Universal Music Group wants to keep Virgin Records; but sell Mute Records, Parlophone, Sanctuary; ' commit to terminate or not to bid for' Co-Op, Hollywood Records, Ministry of Sound, Chrysalis and Ensign. The catalogues of Pink Floyd and David Guetta will be sold as well. The EMI Records memo was leaked to MusicWeek and other deatils said:

"* In the UK, an entity composed of the rosters and catalogues of Parlophone (excluding the Beatles, both as a group and individually), Mute, Chrysalis (excluding the Robbie Williams catalogue) and Ensign would be sold. Included in that disposal would also be the Pink Floyd catalogue and the recently concluded new deal with David Guetta, along with his catalogue. Note that these disposals only relate to exploitation of this repertoire within the EEA (European Economic Area).

* EMI Classics and Virgin Classics would also be divested in the EEA

* EMI’s share of the NOW brand and compilation business in the EEA would also be sold. However Universal would keep its share and participation in the Now compilation venture

* The proposal also includes the divestment of a number of EMI’s operating businesses in Continental Europe. Those local operating companies are EMI France, EMI Belgium, EMI Czech Republic, EMI Poland, EMI Portugal, EMI Sweden and EMI Norway

* Universal is also proposing to divest some its own businesses, principal among which are Sanctuary, Co-Op, and UMG Greece plus several European jazz labels

* They would also commit to terminate or not to bid for a number of high-profile European licenses for major Anglo-American and domestic repertoire, namely Disney Records, Hollywood Records, Ministry of Sound, and Restos du Coeur in France"


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