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REVIEW: Mission of Burma - “Dust Devil”

By: Jeff Daily
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July 10, 2012
Let me start with a personal gripe, how many goddamn Mission of Burma reviews and profiles have to be written using the framework of their (gasp) "reunion" of 2002? People (i.e. music writers) get over it! Mission of Burma are just another band releasing a new album (their fifth studio album), Unsound (Fire Records), this week. "Dust Devil" is the first single from said album. It was made available for streaming a while back and when I first heard it I thought, "Gee Golly Gee, MoB never suck." The Burma's simply have IT.

That being said "Dust Devil" isn't likely to go down in history as their best song ever. Just under two minutes in length, the tune is all about the guitar playing. Good Roger Miller fuzz and topsy-turvy riffs start the banging head. A surf/spy theme guitar (as only the MoB guys can thrash through) along with crashing harmonic note cluster chords makes this quite an album opening BLAST (for it is Track1). This band is a unit though. Touches like backing vocals and the always-amazing Peter Prescott (drums) conk me on the noggin. This band rules! Time to listen to the album in full. My early prediction: As good or better than The Sound The Speed The Light, but not as stunning as The Obliterati.

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