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Amon Tobin To Release Two Fingers Album, Check Out A Preview

Amon Tobin To Release Two Fingers Album, Check Out A Preview

By: Spacelab Research Staff
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August 2, 2012

What would it sound like if Amon Tobin boiled hip hop beats down to their essence? We'll get chance to find out on October 1st, when he releases Stunt Rhythms under the Two Fingers moniker, on the Big Dada label. Check out the album preview at Ninja Tune shop, it has all of the Amon Tobin elements spun in a completely fresh way. It doesn't sound like ISAM, but does thunder loudly, while being sharp and pointed with the beats.

"Although Amon’s love of the lower reaches of low end will undoubtedly cause people to reach for lazy comparisons with dubstep, “Stunt Rhythms” is in fact more accurately viewed as his love letter to hip hop – less the rampant consumerism of, say, G-Unit’s “Stunt 101” than the early culture of innovation and freshness, of showing off simply that you’re better at what you do than anyone else," reads the proclamation of thunder from Big Dada.

Needless to say, this is worthy of Dre-quality headphones or big epic sound systems or even your stereo at home. Just make sure it's LOUD.

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