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Spacelab Collective: August 5  

Spacelab Collective: August 5

By: Spacelab Research Staff
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August 5, 2012
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Sound familiar? Indie app creators face the same challenge as indie musicians. Freemium vs paid, so called big music labels vs indie labels or unsigned artists. How can artists "get found" with so much noise?
Beware the torrent ... One thing to be aware of as a torrent downloader is what you might actually be downloading. Torrent tracker and index Demonoid was hit by a denial of service attack (DDOS) and starting downloading viruses to users via advertising.
Soundcloud is clearing the skies for "radio news professionals, podcasters, and indie storytellers" in an attempt to expand into the spoken word. Their idea? The embeddable Soundcloud player so easy to use, they say, it can be used for any good audio, music or not. Via Nieman Lab
The Stone Roses reunion is working on a new album, says THE SUN: “John and Ian have been sending each other ideas for over a year now. During rehearsals they have tried some new songs and really felt that the old magic was still there with the songwriting."

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