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Listen to Django Django - Django Django (full album stream)

Listen to Django Django - Django Django (full album stream)

By: Spacelab Research Staff
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August 6, 2012

Check out Django Django on their self-titled debut album, available this week in a full album stream. The band is a quartet from London, by way of an Edinburgh art school, and the album was released earlier this year in Europe and is now hitting North America by way of Ribbon Music (next week). According to the press release the band has circulating, the group's music is "rollicking along sing-a-longs, galloping into disco sunsets like whisky-addled and leather-saddled bandits on the stolen backs of prairie wild mustangs." "Disco Psychedelia" ... sure that could settle things, but this band doesn't really sound like any one genre. Wonderful news for fans of semi-originality, bad news for record genre absolutists.

NPR Music says that "... the '80s are back and bigger than ever. It's all in there: the angular analog synths and choppy new-wave guitars and dance beats, all painted in flamboyant bursts of sonic joy." But they also go on to talk about the range of styles this album crosses, adding "while undeniably catchy, is more complicated and layered than the totally tubular pop you might have heard 30 years ago, and it's got the momentum of a runaway rocket. The album's 13 cuts pass by so quickly, and grab from so many styles and genres, there's scarcely enough time to make sense of it."

STREAM: Django Django - Django Django (full album)

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