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Spacelab Collective: August 6  

Spacelab Collective: August 6

By: Spacelab Research Staff
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August 6, 2012
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Interpol vocalist/guitarist Paul Banks is releasing a solo album called Banks on Oct. 23 via Matador Records. Check out his new song "The Base."
NY Times: "People love to dismiss electronica as inferior to music that’s produced by real instruments. "

Skrillex: "The Ramones played four chords and took their Marshall cabinets and jacked everything up to 10 with bass, treble, mid, gain, volume. That was their sound, and people called them illiterate musicians. Leonard Cohen writes lyrics, but musically it’s not, like, the most challenging in the world. That’s the real art, not how technical something can be. It’s where it comes from and the effect it has on you." Skrillex in a NY Times interview from the weekend.

Merge Records has released a new MP3 called "The Descent" from the upcoming Bob Mould album Silver Age. It's ten spankin' new Bob Mould songs, with his current band, and the release date for the album will be September 4 on Merge Records.
"I'm going to be recording with this band -- I'm going to be playing bass with Jason Narducy, who's played with Telekinesis and Verbow, and then Jon Wurster [of Superchunk/Mountain Goats] is going to be on drums. We're going to be making a record and we're going to have to be there every morning at 11 a.m." Britt Daniels in an interview with Excaim in an interview about his new band Spl:t S:ngle.
Toro Y Moi has announced a handful of shows for this month and next month, following an appearance at Lollapalooza over the weekend. The new shows happen in the run up to the Counterpoint Music Festival, in October you can also catch him in San Francisco at the Treasure Island Music Festival.

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