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Listen to Wild Nothing - “Nocturne” (MP3)

Listen to Wild Nothing - “Nocturne” (MP3)


By: Corey Tate
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August 7, 2012


How is it that the 80's have come back again? The 20 year recycling of trends might suggest the early 90's might be an apropos influence, when grunge ruled and everyone wanted to sound like the Nirvana-Soundgarden-Pearl Jam cocktail that the music industry marketing departments were serving up to the masses. And yet, we have a surge in the kind of post-new wave, post chillwave, post-80's synth pop happening all over this Summer. The new Wild Nothing song "Paradise" is riding that wave, and is being offered as a free download starting today. Hit the Wild Nothing web site www.wild-nothing-nocturne.com and click on the moon for today to get a MP3 of the song, no email address required. It makes me want to read a Bret Easton Ellis book or watch The Breakfast Club or something. Then again, maybe not. some things are better left behind. I'll stick with a dose of Paradise instead.

MP3: Wild Nothing - “Nocturne”

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