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Kim Dotcom Trial: Dotcom On the Raid of His Home by the FBI

Kim Dotcom Trial: Dotcom On the Raid of His Home by the FBI


By: Corey Tate
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August 8, 2012


Kim Dotcom on getting punched in the face during the US-led raid of his home in January: "I heard loud banging noises. I was just scared and worried. I thought I'd better wait for them to come to me... rather than popping out and scaring someone who might shoot me. And then they were all over me. I had a punch to the face, boots kicking me down to the floor... a knee to the ribs... one man was standing on my hand." This was during his court case testimony this week. Check out more in a Kim Dotcom interview in which he breaks down the how and why the raid happened.

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