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Zoe Keating on Why Spotify Is Great for Listening, Bad for $$$

Zoe Keating on Why Spotify Is Great for Listening, Bad for $$$


By: Corey Tate
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August 8, 2012


Zoe Keating on why you shouldn't expect to make money with Spotify: “I think Spotify is awesome as a listening platform. In my opinion artists should view it as a discovery service rather than a source of income,” she said. Why? Check out the break down of where sales of her music came from: iTunes (56%), Bandcamp (30%), physical sales via Amazon (10%) as well as MP3 sales on Amazon (3%). Uber-fave Spotify clocks in with a tiny $150 in Q4 2011 and $132 in Q1 2012. “The income of a non-mainstream artist like me is a patchwork quilt and streaming is currently one tiny square in that quilt. Streaming is not yet a replacement for digital sales, and to conflate the two is a mistake. I do not see streaming as a threat to my income, just like I’ve never regarded file-sharing as a threat but as a convenient way to hear music.” Check out more on the Zoe Keating Google Doc she's shared with the world.

Sage words, maybe we should all consider Spotify as the new radio rather than the new album sales. Let's be even more optimistic/realistic: in the old world, radio didn't pay a dime iin royalties, they were there to generate album sales. In the new world: Spotify pays you (albeit small) royalties, based on performance of the number of plays. Also, artists need to consider while they're whining that if their Spotify royalties are weak, it might be because people aren't listening to their music. CD sales didn't reflect the fact that someone bought an CD to listen to one or two songs, or that they stopped listening two weeks after they bought it.

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