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iPhone 5 Release Date for September Features Unibody iPhone 5

iPhone 5 Release Date for September Features Unibody iPhone 5


By: Corey Tate
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August 12, 2012


The iPhone 5 release date could be on us quickly, as the favored September 12 announcement from Apple is only a month away, with the iPhone 5 release supposedly happening a week later on September 19th, 2012. The popular iPhone 5 rumors right now include a unibody design with a combination of metal and glass smartly designed around a stronger casing and better antenna reception. The dock connector is much disputed at the moment, and the 4 inch screen in 16:9 format seems likely for the iPhone 5 release date.

iPhone 5 Release Date

The iPhone 5 release date seems to be a controversial date, and the current popular consensus is targeting September 12 for an iPhone 5 announcement and September 19 as the actual iPhone release date. Bloomberg l broke this a while back, as did AllThingsD, and this had held true for the time being. There's no official confirmation of this from Apple, so for now is this a best case scenario. The iPhone 5 release date is likely to include the new iOS6 operating system, with lots of new features. a new design for  iTunes is possible, as that's been all but confirmed as a having a completely new rebuild to update to modern times.

There's also a possibility that the iPhone 5 release date could bring about price changes in older models, as pointed out today by eWeek and a few days ago by WSJ. l The reduced prices would offered through Apple stores as a way to compete directly with wireless carriers. So if you want to upgrade from an older model but are OK with skipping the iPhone 5 release, these could be good times for you.

iPhone 5 Features

New iPhone 5 video has surfaced online, one  that new features a unibody design that would allow for both a stronger phone and better antenna reception. The video was created by iLab and published by the Japanese Blog Macotakara, who has a good track record with all things iPhone 5.

Don Lehman at TheTechBlock breaks down the new unibody iPhone 5 by saying that it could make a stronger and thinner iPhone 5 while reducing its weight at the same time. "The leaked design has three pieces of metal instead of four. It still has two U-shaped pieces at the top and bottom, but this time the two flat sides become one single piece of metal that also comprises the back of the device. That single piece of metal is the unibody backplate." He breaks the video shown above into 4 theories that range from an iPhone 5 a la elaborate hoax made by some rogue person outside of Apple to a rogue video made BY Apple to throw everyone off, or an actual early design sample or the real iPhone 5. The unibody iPhone 5 design could also be in response to the "Antennagate" episode from a couple of years ago, as it would follow normal development timelines, taking a few years to work on a new iPhone 5 concept and test it out.

The actual sizing is up for grabs, but current favorite theories trend towards the iPhone 5 release date featuring a 4 inch screen with a 16:9 aspect ratio, one that would be in favor of wide screen video like movies and tv shows. It's also more fresh than the old 4:3 TV sizing that seems archaic in 2012. Both the Wall St Journal and Reuters have run stories on the past, with supposed inside sources saying that this would be part of the next iPhone 5 release date, and I trust WSJ and Reuters to have reliable inside sources more than most other web publications.

And ... the pins and dock connector. The new iPhone 5 has been widely theorized to have a new dock connector, and iMore nicely breaks down the ideas on moving from the the current 30 pin connector to something smaller, even as little as 4 pins. The idea of a new dock connector is a widely talked about iPhone 5 rumor though, and seems likely to be included in the iPhone 5 release date. Boy Genius Report also has a good photo of this as well.

A new battery is possible as well, and Pop Herald is talking bigger battery. Most of the iPhone and iPad IS battery, as screen time is a massive battery hog, as well as streaming music and video, something that users of both products do a lot of. A larger iPhone 5 screen could make for a longer battery, which would also allow for more battery space.

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