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Spacelab Collective: August 13  

Spacelab Collective: August 13

By: Spacelab
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August 13, 2012
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If you use the Amazon Cloud Player as your "music in the cloud" option, you can now consider Sonos devices for your music pleasure, says CNET. If you don't, you should consider it -- you get a free option with the ability to store all music bought from Amazon MP3 for free + 250 songs of your own, or live large for $25 a year and store up to 250,000 songs in the cloud, you heavy hitter you. Also ... Spotify is now available on the Amazon Kindle Fire.
Japandroids are currently touring Europe, but will be eventually coming back stateside ... they're all over Europe for the next three months and have just announced new US tour dates today, as well as launching their new video for the song "The House That Heaven Built."
If you're hitting up the Japandroids tour that's eventually making it's way to the U.S., you'll be catching Bleached as the opening act. The Los Angeles sister duo is opening dates at a bunch of California shows, as well cities like Seattle and Scottsdale. Bleached is actually a punk/psychedelic pop band involving Jennifer and Jessie Clavin who used to be part of Los Angeles band Mika Miko.
We mentioned Demonoid being a place for viruses getting sprung on unsuspecting music downloaders, now it looks like the the whole Demonoid thing has gone to ... Hell. Sorry, couldn't resist. TorrentFreak is reporting that the Demonoid domain names have gone up for sale, saying "While it’s undoubtedly been a turbulent couple of weeks for Demonoid, its loyal users still had hope that one day the site might return. However, today the chances of that happening appear to have been cut from an optimistic 50/50 to much, much less. All key Demonoid domains are now up for sale to the highest bidder, signaling what could be the start of the end of an era."
You already know what you're doing next Sunday night ... you're listening to Animal Collective Radio, in which the band will be previewing their entire album Centipede Hz. ACR has been happening the past few weekends, and continues until the band releases the album.

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