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Listen to The Helio Sequence - “Hall Of Mirrors” (stream)

By: Spacelab
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August 15, 2012

Check out the new Helio Sequence track with "Hall of Mirrors," it's part of their upcoming album Negotiations which has a release date of Sept. 11 on Sub Pop Records. It's indie pop from Portland, so we're definitely playing out the northwest coast vibe with the Portland-Seattle nexus via Helio Sequence - Sub Pop Records connections. Hopefully it's raining where you are right now to totally set the vibe off right. Rain is so much a part of the Helio Sequence story, in fact, that the band actually lost all of their gear when their studio flooded ... enter the Helio Sequence reboot. This led the band to create a different studio, which led to a different space, a different vibe, and a completely different mode of operation.

"After three months of searching, Summers and Weikel settled into a 1500-square-foot, former breakroom-cafeteria in an old warehouse. They no longer had to work their recording schedule around loud rehearsals by neighboring bands, but were free to create late into the night in uninterrupted seclusion. With twice the square footage, the space also had room for more gear, a lot more gear. They decided to use this opportunity to try something different," says Sub Pop about the ordeal. Listen to "Hall of Mirrors" and tell us if they got the vibe right.

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