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Spacelab Collective: August 16  

Spacelab Collective: August 16

By: Spacelab Research Staff
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August 16, 2012
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Dan Deacon has been branching out into new things over the past year ... he took his electronic music skills and put them into a collaboration with the Kitchener-Waterloo Symphony. That has forever impacted the way he now writes his own music, and they way he created the music for his new album America, which will be released next week: Namely, the song "USA: III: Rail:" "I wrote the piece, and I was like, 'Do I trim this down so its possible to be performed live, or do I leave it the way it is and make it a studio piece.' Ultimately I decided to leave it as a studio piece. I don't think that section will ever be performed live exactly as it sounds because of the nature of the piece," he said in an interview with Exclaim!

DJ Shadow on why Soundcloud vs old school music showcases is a better environment to test out new music: "What’s interesting to me about it is, I think it’s a really interesting way for people to get feedback instantly. In my era, when these tracks were being made, the general feeling was that you had to put your best work in front of A&R guys. When it arrives on their desk, you wanna put your best foot forward, otherwise they’re never gonna give you another shot.

That was the way it was, that was the rule, and I tried to abide by that rule and really just kind of spend my 10,000 hours developing what I was doing and then go out and say, “I’m here. I’m ready to start making records,” or whatever the case may be. So I think that way has its merits, but I also think that putting up a bunch of half-finished beats on Soundcloud and soliciting feedback and getting that feedback from your peers is also a valuable tool," he said in an interview with Beatportal. His Reconstructed series of the best of DJ Shadow was released last week and comes in two versions: a shorter "best of" and a comprehensive eight album package. Find out more, and preview it below.


In the streaming vs. downloading debate: streaming is catching up, at least in terms of money being made by streaming music services. “Although downloads still account for nearly 80% of online music revenues, this market is maturing and spending is flattening in all key territories. Streaming music services such as Spotify and Pandora will be the key growth drivers over the next five years as usage and spending grow rapidly,” said Strategy Analytics’ director of digital media Ed Barton.

Music Ally is talking about this today, saying that they see tough competition ahead as a survival of the fittest: "streaming services themselves face a tough few years, with their battle likely to be won, ultimately, by whoever can hold their nerve the longest and (more importantly) whoever has the deepest pockets."

Orbital are playing some newly added North American shows in September and October, including stops at the Decibel Festival in Seattle and Moogfest in Asheville. Check out the video below to see what the epic epicness of an Orbital live show is like:

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