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What Legal Problem? Grooveshark Lands Ten New Labels

What Legal Problem? Grooveshark Lands Ten New Labels


By: Corey Tate
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August 21, 2012


Even though streaming music service Grooveshark is currently in an ongoing lawsuit known as Grooveshark VS Universal Music Group, it's cruising into deeper waters today by landing ten new recording label agreements to license new music. The list includes Paper + Plastick, Warrior Records, 1320 Records, Bang Gang Records, Duckhead Green, Palaver Records, Amplifi Digital, Accendo Media, Dox Records, and Eponymous Entertainment. There's been controversey around whether or not Grooveshark was actually paying staffers to upload music or whether users were doing it, a critical difference that would either make them innocent or guilty of violating the Digital Millenium Copyright Agreement (DMCA) safe harbor provisions.

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"We love what Grooveshark does, providing a service for bands and labels to instantaneously make their music available to millions of people," said Vincent Fiorello, Owner of Paper + Plastick as well as being a member of the Ska band Less Than Jake. So they're in, for better or worse.

News that Grooveshark was being sued broke last Summer, eventually other lawsuits were filed. Digital Music News said "Grooveshark has now moved to dismiss Arista v. Escape Media, based on what it regards as totally unsubstantiated information. The motion alleges that the majors have made spurious claims that aren't backed by real evidence or sources, including an anonymous 'whistleblower' comment on Digital Music News."

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