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The Next Big Streaming Music Services Move: Spotify Canada

The Next Big Streaming Music Services Move: Spotify Canada


By: Corey Tate
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August 22, 2012


Just like its movie counterpart Netflix, streaming music service Spotify is going meta on the global expansion ops, this time sneaking across the Canadian border to set up shop. Who knew they weren't already there (except the Canadians, of course)? A long overdue move, and Canadians will eventually be able to go with either Spotify free services with ads or go big with Spotify Premium at the Canadian equivalent of $10 a month.

The Wall Street Journal has done some digging, and found that based on reports filed by Spotify last year, the streaming music service will likely open up shop in with Spotify Canada in the future. Dig through the findings on how they arrived at this conclusion. They're also talking expansion into Asia and South America, but this is all unconfirmed by Spotify at this point. j

So in the Spotify VS Pandora fight, this one might go to Spotify. The streaming music service got a big leg up in the US when the Spotify Facebook partnership was announced last year in September, and now the number of Spotify US subscribers is currently at 15 million active users, as well as 4 million paying subscribers. So it's all a guessing game at this point, but given that Spotify seems determined to get into every country possible, Canadians might be soon listening.

Zoe Keating on why artists shouldn't expect to make money with Spotify: l “I think Spotify is awesome as a listening platform. In my opinion artists should view it as a discovery service rather than a source of income,” she said. Find out why.

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