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New Kid 606 Album Lost in the Game Due Out In September, Hear "New Boss Same as Old Boss" Now

New Kid 606 Album Lost in the Game Due Out In September, Hear "New Boss Same as Old Boss" Now

By: Spacelab Research Staff
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August 27, 2012

Kid 606, a.k.a. Miguel De Pedro of Tigerbeat6 Records, is ready to release a new album next month that moves into an entirely new direction. He just dropped a new song called "New Boss Same as Old Boss" from the album, which you can listen to below. The new album is called Lost in the Game, and has a release date of Sept. 18. He's listing "New Boss Same as Old Boss" on Soundcloud under the tag "Dark Gospel Synth-Hop Bass," and the song is a slow-moving, vibey kind of thing that moves away from the IDM and glitch-oriented sounds he's known for in exchange for more open-ended synth-based music. Beats are minimal. "Gimme Summer" follows that vibe, with a few more beats.

Kid 606 - Lost In The Game Tracklist
01 Godspeed You African American Emperor
02 Gimme Summer
03 New Boss Same as Old Boss
04 Cardamom’s Gone Soft
05 I Want to Join a Cult
06 Meeguk so Horny
07 Big Black Ketamine Jesus
08 Step Into the Light You Fucking Idiot
09 Left Hand Pathfinder
10 Night Club vs. Book Club
11 Baroque and Out of Money
12 I Need to Start a Cult
13 I’m Sick but I Ain’t Dead

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