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Grooveshark Is Back, Baby

Grooveshark Is Back, Baby


By: Corey Tate
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August 29, 2012


Grooveshark is back, baby. After being pushed out by both Apple's iTunes store and Google Play, the Grooveshark app is back in on the Google Play store, meaning that all Android devices can now download away. This means customizable Grooveshark RadioStations, Grooveshark Anywhere subscribers at $10/month and playlists are back for the Android platform.

The app had been pushed out after controversey around the legality of the streaming music service and the Grooveshark lawsuit vs. EMI Music that was filed last Summer, but has now come back in after a redesign and working with Google to overcome issues. They sent this statement to Hypebot and VentureBeat as an official response to the situation, although details are scarce: "After working closely with Google to get rogue apps removed, we're delighted that the official Grooveshark app has been reinstated in the Android market. Grooveshark is dedicated to helping music fans search, discover and share music while pioneering new artist promotion, distribution and monetization techniques. We look forward to continuing to build a relationship with Android and leverage this fantastic platform for our partners."

The Grooveshark mobile app went live earlier this year, as and HTML5 experience that could be accessed by both Android and iOS platforms, but they added decicated apps as well to let users who prefer that experience take part in the service as well. More recently, the streaming music service added ten new labels as licensed music last week, so maybe change is on the rise and Grooveshark is trying to go legit.

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